“Being able to solve multiple challenges with Allot’s unified DDoS Secure solution has made integration and network management so much easier.”

Director of Network Infrastructure, Ministry of Education


  • Block access to inappropriate content for children
  • Protect network from malware infected web sites and malware downloads
  • Need for a scalable solution that supported multiple types of endpoints


Our solution for the Ministry of Education consisted of three major pieces. First, an Allot Service Gateway Tera was deployed on the network to act as a central hub for visibility, security and control from a centralized portal. Then, Allot DDoS Secure was activated within the Tera, providing DDoS protection and service continuity to the network. Finally, an Allot WebSafe Business license was implemented to provide safe browsing, anti-malware, mail security and ad blocking.


  • Single solution for a network of thousands of sites and users
  • Assures comprehensive security and consistent QoS
  • Easy to manage, scalable solution that reduces costs and TCO
  • Provides customer and user satisfaction

Read more: https://www.allot.com/resources/success-stories/ministry-of-education-protects-against-ddos/